Pinch valves

Pinch valves

Versatile – resilient – straight.

Pinch valves by Schubert & Salzer Pinch valves by Schubert & Salzer

In contrast to other valve designs, very few components come into contact with the operating medium in the pinch valves. Long service life, reliability, safety and resistance to aggressive and abrasive media, combined with the excellent control performance of the top-mounted digital positioner, result in an optimal control valve with minimal maintenance and low operating costs.

Schubert & Salzer pinch valves are suitable for safe shut-off and precise control in chemistry, cosmetics, environmental technology and water treatment, as well as in electroplating or in food and beverage production. The pinch valves for endless tubes meet the highest hygienic requirements and offer an interesting and modern alternative to other valve designs. The pinch valves with metal body are used for low hygienic requirements; the straight valve passage is particularly advantageous for dirty, abrasive and viscous media.

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Pinch valves Schubert & Salzer

Design principle of pinch valves

Schubert & Salzer pinch valves use the elasticity of high-performance polymers as a throttle. Pneumatic actuators compress the tubes fixed in the valve body or inserted endless tubes through specially designed pressure pieces. Due to the spring reset in the actuator and the operating fluids itself, the pinch valves move to the respective safety position or desired valve position.

Design principle of pinch valves

Advantages of pinch valves

Robust and simple design

Minimal wear even with contaminated, abrasive and pasty media

Precise control

Reliable shut-off function

High tightness, low leakage

High flow coefficient (KV) values

Simple maintenance and repair

No flow deflection

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