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Sanitary valves Sanitary valves by Schubert & Salzer

Cleanliness or cleanability respectively is one of the highest priorities in many industries or is becoming increasingly important. Aseptic valves from Schubert & Salzer meet the highest requirements with maximum performance. In terms of control accuracy, flow chraracteristics and the elimination of dead spaces, particularly at the clamping points, the product design of this aseptic valve series clearly stands out from that of conventional hygienic valves.

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Sanitary valves by Schubert & Salzer

Design principle sanitary valves

The demand for absolute cleanability in pharmaceutical and food processes depends directly on the flow conditions. In a nutshell, this means: the higher the flow velocity, the higher the wall shear stress on the surfaces in contact with the fluid and thus the greater the cleaning effect. A special EPDM diaphragm with a PTFE film coated on the process side separates the process chamber from the valve actuator.
The valve body is manufactured from pore-free stainless steel 1.4435 barstock material, finely turned or electropolished with roughness depths from Ra < 0.6 µm to Ra < 0.25 µm. The control plugs made of PEEK are FDA-compliant and meet the requirements of the USP Class VI, of the EU regulation 1935/2004 and the new plastics regulation 10/2011.
For inspections, or if a repair should be necessary, the aseptic right angle valve can be opened easily and quickly thanks to a clamp connection between valve and actuator. This valve series is characterized by compact pneumatic piston and diaphragm actuators combined with the proven digital Schubert & Salzer TopMounted positioner (optionally made entirely of stainless steel).

Design principle sanitary valves

The advantages of sanitary valves


3A certification

Valve execution according to Directives (EC) 1935/2004 and (EU) 10/2011


USP Class VI

Design tailored consistently for good cleanability

Made from pore-free stainless steel barstock material

High rangeability 50:1 and unusually large control range

Simple maintenance, few wearing parts

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