Seat valves from Schubert & Salzer

Seat valves

The extremely durable all-rounder of the valve technology.

Seat valves by Schubert & Salzer

Seat valves are the extremely reliable all-rounders in the valve world. Our range includes on/off and control valves in stainless steel or bronze, with a stainless steel bonnet or a lightweight plastic actuator.

They are available with a threaded or Tri-clamp connection, actuation is either pneumatically or motor-driven and they can be supplied with a flanged body.

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Angle seat valves: angle seat valves in the form of stop and control units offer a particularly compact construction and perform a very high number of switch cycles. In its many versions, the construction of the valve gives a highly efficient flow rate and can even be used in lightly contaminated media.


Flange valves: in larger sizes, flange valves are easier to remove from pipelines than screwed valves. This range is supplied to various connection standards as angle and straight flanged seat valves.


Three-way valves: depending on its design, the three-way valve can perform a variety of functions: it can mix and distribute media flows or charge and discharge an operating component (e.g. a pressure cylinder). It is installed in a pipeline by threaded connections.

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