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Jul 2024 | First three-way ball sector valve for the ideal control of flow rates

Schubert & Salzer has developed the first three-way ball sector valve for the ideal control of the flow rate of liquids and gases. Due to the special design of the ball sector and the valve body, the three-way ball sector valve type 4080 enables high-precision control over a wide range and features About 20% higher and virtually identic Kvs values in all flow directions.

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Jul 2024 | The Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) confirms investment grade for Schubert & Salzer Group

Once again, the German Bundesbank has given the Schubert & Salzer Group an "investment grade" rating. This rating, also known as "eligibility status", is an important quality indicator and a distinction for our focus on long-term planning and action, whereby we reliably and securely create long-lasting values for our customers, partners and investors.

The Schubert & Salzer Group includes Schubert & Salzer Control Systems GmbH with its international subsidiaries, Schubert & Salzer Data GmbH and Schubert & Salzer GmbH.


Jun 2024 | Redesign of the Type 8049-IPC positioner

Due to its cycle time of merely a few milliseconds, the digital positioner type 8049-IPC with integrated process controller can be used to easily realise demanding control tasks in fast, local control loops without higher-level process control systems. The functionality and performance of the positioner were significantly enhanced as part of a redesign.

The highlight of the revised 8049-IPC with integrated process controller is the externally accessible LCD display with backlighting. The straightforward menu structure is intuitive and easy to use. You can configure important settings directly on the controller and call up relevant data. With a page reference in the display, details and further information on the currently selected setting or function can be easily found in the manual.

Either a 0/4-20 mA signal or the output signal of a PT-100 can be used as the reference parameter for the process sensors.

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Feb 2024 | New low flow valve type 7042 for very low flow rates and high-pressure applications

With minimum Kv values of 0.0027 to 1.7 and a nominal pressure of PN320, the new low flow valve type 7042 is ideal for the precise control of very small flow rates as well as in high-pressure applications. It can be used as a safe stop valve, especially for high pressures. The optionally integrated, digital positioner type 8049 is particularly easy to maintain thanks to its top-mounted installation. It is available with IO-Link, IIoT module and in an ATEX or FM version.

The low flow valve type 7042 has a valve body made of stainless steel barstock material, hardened valve spindles and a metallically sealing, replaceable seat seal made of hardened stainless steel or carbide to ensure maximum reliability and a long service life even in high-pressure applications. A special high-pressure packing ensures a high level of tightness, even with hydrogen, for example.

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Dec 2023 | New steam test bench for control and on-off valves

Research and development are decisive factors for the quality of the control and on-off valves from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems. With the new steam test bench, the company has now created options for its own product tests that go well beyond the industry standard. Longer and more intensive tests of different valve types and electronic components have been possible at the company's headquarters and production site in Ingolstadt since February 2023.

Outstanding research and development possibilities
All relevant properties of control and on-off valves – such as speed and precision or leak-tightness – can now be tested intensively under real conditions and further improved. Long-term tests and thermal load tests are also performed in-house. The test bench's steam boiler can produce up to 400 kilograms of saturated steam per hour.

As a result, industrial customers benefit from much more application-specific tests and even more practically oriented training courses and presentations, because applications can also be realistically simulated on the new test bench. The investment is thus a very good supplement to the water test bench – which was only modernised a few years ago – in the customer training centre at Schubert & Salzer Control Systems.

Highly efficient energy supply and air conditioning technology for the site
The steam test bench is integrated in a state-of-the-art power station with a combined heat and power plant. The configuration of the plants, which is perfectly tailored to the company's own needs, supplies the entire Schubert & Salzer works site in Ingolstadt with green electricity and thermal energy. The latter is used for heating or, converted by absorption refrigeration, for cooling for the air-conditioning of the premises. A stratified storage tank additionally increases the efficiency and enables the needs-based use of heating and cooling.

The sophisticated plant and building technology enables the valve specialists to further pursue their own climate protection goals and to equip the site for the future in terms of energy. For that reason, the combined heat and power plant is already prepared for the use of green hydrogen.

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New steam test bench for control and on-off valves