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Sep 2023 | FM approval for digital positioner type 8049

The digital positioner type 8049 has received the FM approval (Factory Mutual Approvals) for the USA and Canada. . The version “8049 ExPro-FM” is now certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres either with intrinsic safety circuits of Class I, Division 1 resp. Zone 0 or with non incentive circuits of Class I Division 2.

Also, the digital positioner Type 8049 ExPro is approved according to 2014/34/EU, ATEX and IEC-Ex.

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Jun 2023 | UKCA mark for Schubert & Salzer valve range

All Schubert & Salzer valves now have the UKCA mark and are thus approved for distribution in the United Kingdom.

UKCA is the British equivalent of the CE mark valid in the EU. On expiry of the transitional period in 2025, the mark will be compulsory for all pressure equipment marketed in the United Kingdom.

May 2023 | Flanged sliding gate control valves type 8621 and 8638 approved for the European market

In the type 8621 and type 8638, two flanged sliding gate valves are now available for the European market. The classic and standardised design enables plant operating companies to replace globe valves quickly and simply by much more efficient valves with sliding gate technology, without having to modify the pipework.
In comparison with globe valves, users of sliding gate valves benefit from decisive advantages:
•    minimum consumption of pneumatic energy due to low actuation forces
•    fast response due to short strokes
•    controllability of high differential pressures with small actuators
•    low-noise and cavitation-insensitive operation
•    high, variable Kvs values

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Dec 2022 | Aseptic right angle valve type 6051 now with electric actuator

The EHEDG-certified aseptic right angle valve type 6051 meets the highest requirements for cleanliness with maximum performance. As an alternative to the pneumatic piston actuator, the sterile valve is now also available with an electric actuator type 2030. Apart from its extremely robust design, this actuator, developed and manufactured by Schubert & Salzer, impresses with outstanding control accuracy at high actuating speeds, comparable with pneumatic actuators.

The aseptic right angle valve type 6051 with pneumatic or electric actuator is suitable for applications in pharmaceutical and food technology as well as those in biotechnology and cosmetics. All wetted components of the EHEDG-certified valve are FDA-compliant and conform to USP class VI and to Directives (EC) 1935/2004 and (EU) 10/2011.

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Jul 2022 | Press information – Smart control valves thanks to IO-Link

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems will present IO-Link positioners for their pneumatic control valves at the ACHEMA 2022.

Ingolstadt, Frankfurt. – Valves that control process and auxiliary media reliably and precisely are an important component in the digitisation of process plants. Schubert & Salzer Control Systems are now offering the latest generation of their tried-and-tested 8049 digital positioner for pneumatic control valves with IO-Link. Important diagnostic data from controller and valve are thus available to plant operating companies. In addition, valve parameters such as dynamics, accuracy and characteristic curve can be simply adapted at any time without physical access. A single cable with an M12 plug bundles the positioning signal, position feedback, data transmission and even the power supply.

Solid advantages for every plant
The integration of the international IO-Link industrial standard in its latest version 1.1.3 facilitates the installation and maintenance of the valves in complex plants. Additional device-specific software or hardware is not required. Incorrect connection is technically impossible due to the coded connecting plug. Even if a replacement should be necessary, this can be done without the need for specialists. The controller adopts the previously used parameterisation automatically by plug & play and is immediately ready for operation after self-calibration.

Predictive maintenance with extensive diagnostic data
The status data provided non-cyclically via IO-Link significantly increase process reliability and plant uptime. Among other things, they enable the predictive planning of maintenance work. "Thanks to the integration of IO-Link, the data from the field level can be monitored continuously. Even the tiniest irregularities are thus noticeable at an early stage", says Peter Hofmann, product engineer at Schubert & Salzer Control Systems. "With the help of the status data, operating companies can react long before there are even any signs of an unplanned plant stoppage. The evaluation makes it easier for the user to estimate preventive maintenance requirements, to avoid a possible impending failure and to continuously optimise the control valve."

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems will present the IO-Link-compatible 8049 positioner to an expert audience for the first time at the ACHEMA 2022. The valve specialists will be available to answer questions about the IO-Link technology and its possible uses at Booth F46 in Hall 11.1 from 22nd to 26th August.



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