Food & beverage

For the production and filling of beer and other beverages and dairy products angle seat, sliding gate, sanitary right angle and even ball sector valves from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems are being applied all around the world.

Steam is used for heating, sterilisation, autoclaving and and pasteurisation. Sliding gate valves are particularly suitable for this process. Users appreciate the strongly reduced energy consumption through the short strokes and compact actuators. The related reduced wear in actuators, packings and trims leads to longer service lifes. The compact valve design allows for easy installation, maintenance and repair of these valves. Wear parts, Kvs values/characteristics or even the fail safe function can be changed within minutes.

Utility fluids like water, air, CO2 or nitrogen are typical sliding gate valve applications as well, especially at high or low temperatures, high pressures or where fast reaction times or a high valve rangeability or accuracy is required. Angle seat valves are typically used for smaller nominal sizes and lower pressures, or where reliable tightness is required. Schubert & Salzer valves are CRN- and EAC-certified and approved for potable water. Angle seat valves also comply with EG-norm 1935/2004 for hygienic applications.

Low-germ and sterile processes are needed for the filling and mixing of foodstuffs and beverages and for the cleaning (CIP/SIP) of filling and production equipment.

When it comes to controlling liquids and gases, the Schubert & Salzer Control Systems hygienic right-angled control valve and the aseptic right-angled control valve are the first choice. Where media need to be shut off, the hygienic right-angled valve, the aseptic right-angled valve and the angle seat valve in its hygienic version (designed with minimal dead space) are suitable. The latter is used mainly in keg cleaning and in filling plants.

Valves made of stainless steel 1.4404 or 1.4435 can be supplied with a roughness of up to less than 0.25 µm and with the connections typically used in that industry. Furthermore, Schubert & Salzer‘s valves are known for being easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems‘positioners are available for medium control. They can be obtained also with permission under ATEX 94/9/EG up to Zone 0.

The design and materials used for Schubert & Salzer‘s hygienic and aseptic valves conform, depending on the sealing material used, to the strict FDA guidelines and hold the USP Class VI certificate.

Brochure: Schubert & Salzer - Your Partner in the Food and Drink Industry

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