High pressures, cavitation and abrasion put high wear on control and shut-off valves in the power/energy industry where long service lifes and and precise control are required at the same time. The unique valve designs from Schubert & Salzer prove themselves every day in numerous applications in large coal or nuclear power plants, biomass or waste incineration plants, on steam boilers large diesel engines and emergency generators. Fluids are feed water, cooling water, steam, exhaust gas but also media for treatment of exhaust gases like ammonia or lime stone.

Sliding gate and segmented disc valves are used especially in steam and feed water and condensate applications. The large rangeability and high flow capacities of ball sector valves make them an attractive solution in district heating applications. Our robust pinch valves again are being use in desulfurisation systems, whilst sliding gate valves with their high precision with small Kvs values are a common solution in SCR and SNCR De-Nox applications. Those are just a few application examples – we will have a solution also for your application.

Please learn more in our application reports from Naturenergie Cham, steam consumption, airport Munich, Elsta, Dow Chemicals and Stadtwerke Bielefeld.