Pinch and Diaphragm valves

Versatile – resilient – straight.

Pinch valves by Schubert & Salzer

Unlike other valve types only a few components inside pinch and diaphragm valves are getting in contact with the operating fluid. Long service life, reliability, safety and resistance to aggressive and abrasive media, combined with the excellent control quality of the integrated positioner, lead to an ideal control valve with minimal maintenance and low operating costs.

The Schubert & Salzer pinch and diaphragm valves, pneumatic or motor acuated are true alternative for applications in the chemical industry, cosmetics, environmental technology and water treatment but also in electroplating or in the food and beverage industry. The pinch valve for endless tubes offers a modern alternative to conventional pinch or diaphragm valves. The pinch valve can be used at any position on an endless tube for on/off and control operations. With no dead space, the highest hygienic demands can be met.

For applicationswith reduced hygienic demands, a pinch valve with inserted hose is an available and integrated permanently in pipelines. Here also, the entire design can be used in food-related and sterile processes. In addition these valves are a perfect fit in applications with contaminated abrasive and viscous fluids. 

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